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Deluxe Adjustable Royal Quilt-Top Mattress by Royal Pedic Mattress

Deluxe Adjustable Royal Quilt-Top Mattress by Royal Pedic Mattress

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Deluxe Adjustable Bed by Royal Pedic Mattress

Enjoy coming home to unwind and relax after a full day. Whether reading, working on your lap top, watching tv, or sleeping you will find the perfect position with the touch of a button.

Absolutely the easiest adjustable bed to operate with all the great features that we can offer featuring cordless remote, headboard hugger, dual massage, and much more. Quiet and steady motors raise and lower the bed to your favorite position. Cordless remote control allows for easy operation, and stands vertically on its own on the nightstand.

Headboard Hugger feature keeps you closer to your nightstand when raising the head of the bed for convenience. Press the flat button once, and the bed lowers without having to hold the down buttons till it goes to the horizontal position. Five leg height positions allow you to choose from a 23″ to 27″ overall mattress height with Royal Latex Quilt-Top Mattress. Other leg heights are available in case you want it even lower.

For a king size, choose two twin xl’s side by side so each person can adjust the bed to their liking, or get one king size mattress and both adjustable bed bases can be programmed to operate together to raise and lower the one big Cal-King or Est-King mattress.


  • Mattress Thickness: 9″ – 9.5″ approx.
    (with Royal Latex Quilt-Top Mattress)
  • Adjustable Bed Base: Features 5 leg setting options ranging from 13.5″-17.5″ (top of mattress to floor on middle leg setting is approx. 25″)


  • Headboard Hugger Engineering: When raising the head portion of the bed, the headboard hugger feature automatically keeps you closer to your nightstand. The bed is on a track, while the legs remain stationary.
  • Back-Lit Wireless Remote Hand Controller: When you press any of the buttons on the hand controller they all light up, so you can freely operate the bed in the dark.
  • Dual Massage with Wave Action: Melt away the stresses of the day with dual vibrating massage motors with three speeds of intensity. Automatic shut off, so you don’t vibrate all night if you fall asleep. Wave action cycles the vibrating massage for soothing comfort. Motors are recessed underneath the adjustable bed base.
  • Flat Button: Within only a few seconds of following the instructions, you can one time program the hand controller to level the bed from the upright position to flat with one touch of the button, so you don’t have to hold the down buttons till the bed goes flat.
  • Snore Button: If your partner is snoring, you can press the snore button on their hand controller, which will slightly raise the head of the bed to help them stop snoring, so you can get back to sleep!
  • Zero Gravity Button: Press the Zero Gravity button and the head and foot portions will slightly raise to help alleviate the pressure gravity can have on the body.
  • Customizable Programmable Positions: You can find your two favorite positions, and program the bed accordingly, so you can go right to them whenever you like, without having to re-find your favorite position.
  • Five Position Adjustable Leg Heights: There are 5 leg height positions to choose from, so getting in and out of bed is made easier. Each adjustment changes the height by 1″. The lowest leg height setting is 13.5″ from the top of the adjustable bed base to the floor, and the highest leg height setting makes it 17.5″ from top of adjustable bed base to floor. (mattress adds additional height). The Royal Latex Quilt-Top Mattress is approximately 9.5″ thick, so with the adjustable bed base on the middle leg height setting, the overall height from the top of the mattress to the floor is approximately 25″.
  • 850 lb. Lift Capacity: Bottom line, with an 850 lb. lift capacity the motors will lift you no problem, and provide longevity.
  • Power Down Safety Feature: If there is a power outage and the bed needs to be lowered to the flat position, press the button on the black box located on the power cord that plugs into the wall to lower the bed flat.
  • Illuminated Under Bed Lighting: With a touch of the button, you can illuminate the underside of the adjustable bed base to help provide soft lighting without trying to get around in complete darkness, so you don’t disturb your partner.
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