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Natural Latex Quilt-Top Mattress by Royal Pedic Mattress

Natural Latex Quilt-Top Mattress by Royal Pedic Mattress

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Natural Latex Quilt-Top Mattress by Royal Pedic Mattress

Mattress for a supple feel for hips and shoulders is ordering it in the 6+2 version with the stretch knit fabric, and the Natural 2” Pillowtop Pad also with the upgraded stretch knit fabric.

The Natural Cotton w/Wool Wrap Box Spring features our H-2 box spring unit providing flexible, yet supportive modules serving as extra layer of suspension for added comfort. The box spring’s upholstery is made with organic cotton wrapped in our French Wool. Even the under cloth on the bottom of the box spring is fabric made with organic cotton.


  • Mattress Thickness: 7″ – 7.5″ approx. (thicker versions available)
  • Box Spring: 8″ standard (softer w/ pillowtop pad added)


  • Brushed Canvas Covering Made with Organic Cotton: The brushed canvas covering of the mattress and box springs is made with organic cotton to ventilate body heat to sleep more comfortably. The fabric is brushed to provide a softer feel, and is woven on precision computerized looms to exacting and consistent specifications.
  • Border Quilted with All Natural French Wool: Quilted to the vertical sidewall of the mattress is our French wool stitched to the fabric made with organic cotton, and with vents allowing body heat to escape.
  • All Natural French Wool Quilting: Layers of Pre-Compressed French wool are quilted to the surface covering providing an all natural fire barrier, as well as helping to ventilate body heat and maintain a dry sleeping environment. The French wool is washed in baking soda and water without any chemicals, and the sheep free graze on open plains and hillsides in France.
  • Natural Dunlop Latex Core: The Dunlop process natural latex core is of medium firmness, not too hard or too soft for most people. The Latex milk is tapped from sustainable rubber tree plantations in South East Asia, and then produced into mattress cores in Dunlop processing plants.
  • Hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant: Latex is hypoallergenic, dust mite, mildew, and mold resistant.
  • Consistent Support Regardless of Room Temperature: Unlike memory foam, latex maintains its level of firmness and support regardless of room temperature. If the room is cool, memory foam can feel really hard until your body heat activates it to make it softer and more conforming. If the room is warm, memory foam can feel dough like, and the body can sink more into it making it hard to turn over on the mattress.
  • Two Sided Construction for Longevity:
    • Royal Pedic Mattress mattresses are built with an equal amount of materials on each side of the mattress, so you can turn the mattress over and sleep on the other side.
    • Double Sided mattresses can enhance longevity. Mattresses that are no-flip designs, are only built with padding on one side, so you can’t flip it over.
  • H-2 Box Spring: Royal Pedic Mattress’s H-2 Box Spring features modular supports throughout the box spring unit to provide an extra layer of suspension for enhanced overall comfort. Upholstered with the fabric and layers made with organic cotton. Even the underside fabric cloth of the box spring is made with organic cotton. Many box springs these days are actually foundations which do not have any give, or slats spread too far apart with large gaps which may affect back support and wear of the mattress.
  • 6+2 Natural Dunlop Latex Version: For more overall mattress thickness, and a softer feel on one side, we offer the natural Dunlop latex core combined with an extra 2″ of soft natural Dunlop Latex, resulting in a softer feel on one side, and regular medium feel on the other side. Mattress goes from 7″-7.5″ thick to 9″ -9.5″ thick in the standard version. Or, if ordering with the stretch knit fabric the mattress thickness goes from 6”- 6.5” to 8”- 8.5” ( our most popular version)
  • 7-Zone Natural Talalay Latex Core Version: Rather than building the mattress with the 6″ Dunlop latex core, we can make it with our ergonomically designed, natural 7-Zone Talalay Latex Core from the Netherlands, which provides slightly softer shoulder and hip areas, while maintaining buoyant support for the lower back with the firmer lumbar zone. Symmetrically designed, so you always have the zones, regardless of rotating from head to foot or side to side. Mattress thickness becomes 8″-8.5″ thick with the 7-Zone latex core option in the standard version, or 7”-7.5” thick if the optional stretch knit fabric is chosen.
  • German Stretch Knit Fabric For Softer Feel: The fabric can make a distinct difference in how firm or plush a mattress can feel. The stretch knit fabric made with organic cotton that we have woven for us in Germany is among the highest performing fabrics available, as it stretches and flexes with a persons body contours offering an even more conforming and blissful level of comfort. The stretch knit fabric upgrade is available on both the Natural Latex Quilt-Top Mattress, and Natural Pillowtop Pads.
  • Natural 2″ Pillowtop Pad: A great choice for those that want to add surface softness to the mattress, while maintaining excellent back support. It is a favorite on the Natural Cotton w/Wool Wrap Mattress, as well as the Natural Latex Quilt-Top Mattress.

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