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Royal Wine Glass, 360 ml by Moser

Royal Wine Glass, 360 ml by Moser

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Royal Wine Glass, 360 ml by Moser

Only the exclusive hand-cut crystal, used by crafty Moser glassworkers to create the glasses of the Royal collection, will perfectly brighten up all the colour tones of the red wine. The eyes first stop at the smooth sides only to look down to the diamond cut and precisely cut six-sided stem. The lead-free crystal ensures that your taste experience isn't spoiled by anything and even the finest taste nuances of the wine can stand out. The elegant stripe from 24-carat gold, tenderly lining the edges of this uniquely beautiful glass, is a reminder of its royal origins.


  • Size: 360 ml
  • Height: 173 mm
  • Maximum Diameter: 92 mm


Timeless elegance

More than a century of success of the Royal drinkware collection confirms that its Edwardian simplicity is perfectly timeless. The drinkware set, created for the wife of the English king Edward VII, gained popularity with the likes of the Norwegian king Haakon VII, Turkish sultan Abdul Hamid or Maharaja from Baroda. This set of crystal glass can also be found in the former Czechoslovak embassies as well as the United Nations headquarters in New York.

  • Hand-blown from environmentally friendly lead-free crystal
  • Hand-cut and polished to a high gloss
  • Hand-decorated with 24K gold or platinum



The restrained style that Moser gave to its Royal collection, corresponds with the Edwardian aesthetics of the time, which was gaining popularity in the early 20th century at the expense of ornate Art Nouveau style. The classic shape with clean silhouette and smooth walls allows the unique optical properties of Moser crystal to shine. The transition of the walls into the hand-cut six-faceted stem bears a delicate diamond cut, whose proportions create the notional centre of gravity of all the glasses. The upper edge of the goblets is decorated with a slight strip of a 24-carat gold. Thanks to the hand manufacture, the Royal collection can be personalized per the customer's wishes and supplied in one of the traditional Moser colours (aquamarine, alexandrite, beryl, eldor, rosaline or topaz).

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