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Sleepland Contoured Latex Pillow by Royal Pedic Mattress

Sleepland Contoured Latex Pillow by Royal Pedic Mattress

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Sleepland Contoured Latex Pillow by Royal Pedic Mattress

“Experience the ultimate in sleep comfort with our Sleepland Contoured Latex Pillow. Designed to provide exceptional cervical support and unparalleled head and neck comfort, this unique natural Talalay latex pillow offers 4″ and 5″ neck height options in the same pillow to perfectly cradle your neck depending on which side of the pillow you sleep on, providing a deeply satisfying sleep experience. Measurements are now 26″ wide x 15″ deep. (2 1/2″ wider than the previous version).

Unlike temperature-sensitive polyurethane foam support pillows that can feel uncomfortably hard in cool bedroom temperatures or overly soft in warm conditions, the Sleepland Latex Pillow maintains consistent firmness, delivering uninterrupted comfort regardless of room temperature, and its pincore construction allows ventilation.Crafted from the milky white sap sourced from sustainable rubber tree plantations, our Sleepland Pillow is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, and mildew. The covering is a now a stretch knit fabric made with organic cotton (previous woven fabric cover shown in pictures). It’s very supple on the ear, and provides maximum ventilation. The pillow covering can be washed and dried.Enjoy the restful sleep you deserve with the Sleepland Contoured Latex Pillow—a natural, supportive, and hygienic choice for your sleep sanctuary.”

Pillow Type: Standard Pillow

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